Prior to participating in any scuba diving activity and/or scuba certification training with SeaPro Divers, divers will be required to complete a medical form in order to identify any pre-existing conditions that may affect their safety while scuba diving.

For a copy of the medical questionnaire, please click here

A YES to any of the questions on the form would mean that you must obtain a written/signed medical clearance from an authorized physician prior to engaging in scuba diving.

The following medical conditions are potentially life threatening when scuba diving, therefore require a medical clearance from an authorized physician:

  • History of heart surgery, heart disease, heart attack or stroke
  • History of lung surgery, pneumothorax or collapsed lung
  • History of high blood pressure combined with subscription of “Beta blockers” to regulate hypertension
  • Asthma, if client generally carries an emergency inhaler
  • History of Epilepsy, convulsions or fainting
  • History of Diabetes
  • History of diving accident or diving sickness (such as DCS)

Please note that the clearance should be dated within 12 months before the scheduled dives.

For further information contact:

Please note that SeaPro Divers maintains the right to refuse to allow a guest to dive based on medical or any other conditions that are not deemed safe for diving.