Learning to Kite Surf on vacation has never been this easy. With a private kite surfing lesson, kiters of all levels can become more confident in the water. For students that do not have previous kite surfing experience, we start with the basics; learning to maneuver the kite prior to entering the water. Our team of IKO certified instructor and assistants will introduce you to the up-and-coming sport while providing you with individual training in the water to build your confidence. Our goal is to get you standing up and kite surf your way through the Caribbean waters.

Day 1: Kite Control
In the first lessons you will learn equipment safety and an  introduction of the wind window Kite control with two hands and one hand How to keep kite at 11 and 2 o clock How to fly the kite across the wind window Walking while maintaining kite at side Moving from side to side Kite launching and landing During this lesson training kite will be used in the first hour

Day 2: Body Dragging
Review of the first Re-launch the kite on beach Learn how to single-handed body drag without board Kite flying in the water 3 hours of instruction in and out of the water

Day 3: Standing Up
Review of the second day Standing up on the beach Single-handed body dragging with board Standing up in the water