Emile Mariotti

Emile was a true islander, growing up on the sandy beaches of Puerto Plata as his dad's assistant during the early years of SEAPRO Divers. From a young age he has had a passion for the sea, scuba diving and water sports. He studied in the United States (Miami, Florida) but soon returned to the Dominican Republic realizing the laid back island lifestyle is the way to go. He has a Bachelors in Business Administration and MBA in Finance (which is absolutely useless for managing a dive business). He oversees the Punta Cana team as Executive Director. A professional beach Sankie, Emile has currently retired from the party scene and is happily married. During his time off, he enjoys doing absolutely nothing except for high intensity marathons that involve a Netflix account. His most memorable dive experience was diving the Great Barrier Reef in search for sharks.

Mia Mariotti

Dominican American, although we secretly think she is really an international russian spy, Mia is our Director of Marketing, responsible for Sales and Marketing initiatives and the company's online efforts. She has named herself the SEAPRO model and unfortunately customers will have to bear with photos of her all over our website, social media and promos. She recently returned to Punta Cana after spending 16 months working in Client Services for the financial industry in London and pursuing an MBA in International Business... even though it was more of an excuse to spend a year traveling!

Mark Fernandez

International globe trotter, adventurer, dive instructor, hanglider, surfer, skydiver; add any adventure adjective here, you name it and Mark has done it!  Mark is responsible for our Dive Team training and development.  Well, that is when he is actually here and not diving with Orcas in Norway, surfing in Hawaii or sailing the Caribbean. He is also an avid dive photographer who is responsible for many of our remarkable dive photos. He is a Dominican American gun loving hippie if that is even possible?! Seriously Mark!

Jennifer Vitaly

Jennifer Vitaly is our Master Dive Instructor. Do not let her pretty blue eyes and size deceive you, she is a beast underwater. A native of Canada, Jennifer ran away from the near arctic weather of her home town for a short vacation to the Dominican Republic, which ended up being the longest vacation recorded in history as she never left the island. She is currently ranked among the top women dive instructors in the world, having certified over 6,000 divers from all over. She has the unique ability to make anyone at ease underwater and makes diving seem like a piece of cake.

Beatrice Polfus

A true German of heart, Beatrice puts the order in our business.  What better way to make up for the laid back island mentality than by combining it with a fast paced efficient German one!? As Operations Manager, Beatrice is responsible that all trips run smoothly. Walk to our office unsure of whether to get certified or not, and you might end up discovering your life purpose is to become a divemaster in a mere 5 minutes with Bea. Catch Beatrice after work and she will probably be sipping a Presidente Beer or two, or three at our beach bar.  We believe the secret to her madness is a all natural beer diet, seriously she can out drink the entire SEAPRO team!

Eugenio Martinez

One of the oldest members of our team, Eugene has been diving before dinosaurs where roaming the earth. He is one of our head instructors and dive enthusiast. When he is not certifying or looking for sharks, he usually spends the other 16 hours of the day in the gym pumping iron.  We are still trying to figure out when he sleeps. Probably the fittest member of our team, Eugene puts character and commitment into our operation, with over 3,000 certifications, you can breathe safely, you will be in good hands. Just make sure you dont ask him his age.

Juan Carlos Batista

The newest member of our instructor group and by far the happiest one. Juan Carlos is the most charismatic and easy going of all. Dominican born and raised, when he is not underwater or in the pool teaching, Juan Carlos spends his day promoting dive course and sharing his story about how he fell in love with diving. His favorite past time is day dreaming about being kidnapped by a mermaid... good luck with that one JC!

Anne Marie Boileau

New arrival from Canada!  When we hear her saying ‘’Oh! It’s cold today!’’, we swear, we don’t know how she survive the Canadian winters all those years!  Anne-Marie will warmly and gladly provide outstanding customer service and help you to make of your holidays, memorable ones!