A Personalized Dive Experience

The Dominican Republic offers an ample underwater fauna that will vary from the north to the south of the island. With the majority of the dive sites located relatively close to the shore, you will find a variety of dive options for all dive levels. As a result of our warm and calmer waters, the Dominican Republic is also an excellent location to obtain your diving certification. Scuba Diving with SEAPRO Divers will allow for a personalized dive experience. Unlike other dive operators, we do not have a set dive site schedule. Instead we plan our dive itinerary based on the dive sites that interest our customers, as an alternative to what is scheduled for the day. If you are looking for an experienced dive center that is also personalized and laid back, make sure to plan your scuba diving trips with SEAPRO Divers during your trip in the Dominican Republic.

Start discovering the Dominican's top dive sites by pointing your mouse over the regions below !

Coral Garden
Max depth: 24 Meters

Coral Garden aptly describes the spectacular and colorful marine life that intermingles with the fan coral and tube sponges. See for yourself just how many varieties you can identify.

The Garden extends to a depth of 80 ft.


3 Rocks
Max depth: 16 Meters

The 3 Rocks are the most popular shallow dive.

At a depth of 55 ft. you can expect to see an abundance of fish and well-protected coral. The boat trip to this site is a comfortable 10 min.


Ray Point
Max depth: 35 Meters
(dive not very often because of the current)

Marine life: Coral + fishes and sting ray sometimes
Experienced divers only.


Max depth: 32 Meters

The name of a semi-precious blue stone found here in the Dominican Republic identifies this deep dive site where the wall extends from 30ft. to a depth of 60 ft at which point the scenery changes to a flowing sandy desert where divers easily graduate to 100 ft. You may not discover larimar but you will likely encounter Yellow-Tail Snapper, Sargeant Majors, maybe an eel, and perhaps find lobster and crab as well.


The Tunnel
Max depth 25 Meters

Marine life also very rich in coral + tropical fishes
Experienced divers only
It looks like two rocks that sell off the reef forming a series of tunnels (not very long).


The Pyramid
Max depth 30 Meters

Marine life as the others (lobster most of the times)
Experienced divers only
The name is because of its form, it looks like an underwater pyramid.


Wall I
Max depth 25 Meters

Marine life lots of coral + tropical fishes
Certified divers or recommended for experienced divers.


Wall II
Max depth 28 Meters

Marine life coral + tropical fishes
Certified divers or recommended for experienced divers.


Wall III
Max depth 24 Meters

Marine life very similar to Wall I and Wall II, a bit better.
Recommend for experienced divers.


The Cave
Max depth 20 Meters

Two of them to be exact, are recommended for experienced divers yet still give way for very easy maneuverability. Characterized by their grand entrance, they extend approximately 50 ft. in length at a depth of 80ft. Cave dwellers include lobster, eel and grouper as well.


5 Rocks
Max depth 20 Meters

Just a 10 min. boat ride and is considered the best location for certified divers at every level. As it's name describes, you will encounter 5 huge underwater rocks replete with splendid displays of coral. The good visibility in this area allows you to feast your eyes on a plentitude of marine life, including lobster and crab.


La Puntilla
Max depth 18 Meters

La Puntilla with an immediate descent to 40 ft, is suitable for beginner divers.

Located just off shore and around the point from Sosua Bay, here you have a chance to see Barracuda, Puffer Fish and Octopus.


The Mini Wall
Max depth 28 Meters

Just 5 min. by boat, is a less intimidating drop for those who have never experienced a wall dive before.

At 20 ft. the drop-off is a soft descent to a mere 65 ft. with good visibility all the way.


The Canyon I
Max depth 16 Meters

The Canyon is an ideal check-out dive you can reach in by boat in just 5 min. At a shallow 35 ft. this site offers a variety of coral formations such as fan coral and barrel coral.


The Canyon II
Max depth 16 Meters

Marine life very rich, corals and a lot of fishes.
Excellent for less experienced divers.


Tunnel Reef
Max depth: 12 Meters

A reef with known for its Idyllic tunnel like swim through, a striking view on sunny days.


Coral Garden
Max depth: Various

An underwater garden of exuberant reefs and lively fish thats great for all levels.


Max depth: Various

Great for Open Water Training and a relaxing dive in Punta Cana.


Max depth: 13.6 Meters

Patato is a nice dive in Bavaro with astonishing coral formations and l tunnel systems.

This is a great site to visit at noon, when the sun rays shine trough small holes into the caves. Outside the reef depth is average 12m.


La Taberna
Max depth: 11 Meters

This coral reef has a collection of swim through great for all levels. Found at a depth of 11 meters, Cavernas is home to a variety of tropical fish.


Max depth: 14 Meters

Receiving its name from the white sand collected around the reef, on sunny days this reef is a true paradise as the turquoise water glisten from the sun rays. A popular spot for nurse sharks and stingrays it has a maximum depth of 14 meters.


Wreck Monica
Max depth: 12 Meters

Sunk in a storm about 90 years ago, the remains of this wooden-hulled railway cargo ship harbors railway ties, sugar plantation machinery, and an infestation of schooling marine life including hoards of squirrelfish. The wreck lies at a depth of 12 meters.


El Parque
Max depth: 14 Meters

With large reef blocks and cave formations The Park is the home to various rays, eels and large fish species.


Parque Reef
Max depth: N/A

Coming soon.


Wreck Astron
Max depth: 14 Meters

A former Russian freighter lies at a depth of 14 meters / 48 feet. The ships profile extends above the surface making it a striking diving attraction in Punta Can.


El Nio
Max depth: 8 Meters

Located in Cabeza de Torro (the easter tip of the Dominican Republic), El Nino is a flat dive with an average depth of 6 meters known for the coral formation.


La Cueva
Max depth: 13 Meters

Cuevita is an impressive collection of caverns and swim-through at a depth of 8 to 13 meters.

This is a favorite hangout spot for sleepy nurse sharks and stingrays.


Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic